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We are not an ordinary software house.
We are Cassovia Code.

We are Software House from Košice and we have been on the market since 2011. We started a bit unconventionally as a game studio, but with the gradual development of the market we started to focus on the development of advanced web solutions, mobile applications and custom software. We have several successful projects under our belt, such as the e-commerce platform for Dixi and digitalization for Fúra. We are also actively working on projects for one of the largest bathroom studios, Siko, where we are developing a B2B e-commerce platform.
A few numbers about us

succesful projects

We specialize in the development of advanced web solutions, mobile applications and custom software. We also focus on business digitization, game software development, and technical support for start-ups.


In the beginning we focused on WordPress, Woocommerce, CX. Over time we switched to Javascript – React, React native, Java, Angular, PHP and more.

skilled specialist

In our team you should find experienced CTO, 13 developer, 1 DevOps Engineer, 1 desighner, 2 product owners, 3 project managers, 5 testers, 3 sales specialist, 1 marketing and 1 HR specialist.

active projects

Currently our colleagues are working of projects in automotive industry, e-commerce solutions and more. We are focusing on long-term project, which are benefit for society. We focus on long-term projects that benefit society.
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We are working on principles of Scrum with high emphasis on quality of code, which provide our techleader by code reviews. It is also important for us to thoroughly prepare user stories, which have a clearly defined “Definition of ready”, which in practice means that the developer receives precisely defined assignments and so can work effectively.
You should see how we work in some case studies.
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